Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Video Technology

1. Why are you creating the content you're creating?  I am creating the video content to simply show that I know how to produce a video using this particular technology.

2. Who is your audience? My audience is my instructor Amy Harmsen.

3. What do you want the content to achieve? I wanted to inform my viewer of the Edge program and how to apply.

4. When and how are you going to develop the content? How is it meant to be viewed ( on a computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.)? It is going to have to be viewed via the dropbox due to the fact that I was not able to post it here on my Blog.

5. Where are you going to publish online? Evaluate why you selected this option. Compare three alternative options using a features comparison matrix and explain why this was the best choice for you. I looked up Wordpress Blog site and they were $3.95 a month were Blogger is free and I'm not going to pay for something I may not use again. It may seem cheap but it adds up and its really just a past time that I don't have much time for. Blogger was the best choice for me because it was free and it used my google account which I already had created.

Some main points to keep in mind during the shooting of your video...

1.  Be sure to know your equipment. I have used the Eflip camera in class before its very simple and user friendly. All you do is hit the red record button and its show time, once your done recording plug USB into your computer and save the video to your jump drive and then you can view and share your video.

2. Be aware of lighting. Be sure you are in a well lit room or the video that you are trying to capture will likely not turn out very well. Be sure the light source is in front of your subject.

3. Make sure the camera is in a stable position. Tripods guarantee that the camera will not move and if you have a video that will be more than a few minutes long I highly suggest this or you will have one sore arm.

4. Using a cameras built in microphone. If you are using a cameras built in microphone be sure the your subject is close enough so that you can hear them clearly. Audio is very critical in a video recording.

5. Be aware of background noise or music. Be careful of any load music or noise that might be in the background while recording your video that might drown out your content. If you are going to add music to your video it is better to do it in the editing stage vs. during the video and also beware of licenses on music get permission from the artist before adding they will be glad to do it for recognition.

6. Just have fun. Just have fun with it the more nervous you are chances are it will show in your video.

7. Beware of shadows. If you are filming outside try not to stand with the sun at your back. You'll end up with a dark shadow in the video.

8. After you film each clip check it. Nothing worse then filming the whole video and finding out that you have a large section that is unusable. Check the clip make sure its error free and continue filming.

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